Our colleague Márta HUNYA represented Hungary at the 2nd meeting of the ET2020 working group on transversal skills on the 21st and 22nd May 2014, in Brussels.

The EU’s working group on transversal skills has been formed at the beginning of 2014, as a result of a reform process, with members being appointed for two years. It incorporates three former working groups: that of 1. foreign languages 2. entrepreneurship and 3. digital skills working groups. Accordingly, three people per country participate in the work of the newly formed group. Hungary is represented by Kolos Gálffy from the Ministry of Human Resources (his area is foreign languages). The Hungarian Institute for Educational Research and Development delegates two colleagues: Mónika Réti (her area is entrepreneurship skills) and Márta Hunya (who is an expert of digital skills).

The objective of the working group for the two years is to create a document similar to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, but this time in the field of digital and entrepreneurial skills. The first meeting was held in February, and Hungary did not yet participate then, however Ms. Hunya joined in the work through a webinar since then, and participated at the meeting in May.

The languages framework is already complete, that of entrepreneurship is at an early stage. As to digital skills, definitions are ready, and three levels had been determined, however the goal is to uniformly create eight levels of competence in each area. Frameworks of reference describing competences and their levels would be available in the form of propositions for the member states, and optimally be integrated into curricula, professional development training of teachers, and into evaluation systems, so that they can contribute to the general development of transversal skills, thus improving the competitiveness of the Union.


Student Voice - Workshop for Partner Schools

The first workshop organized for the partner schools was held on 7th March 2017 at EKU- HIERD (Eszterházy Károly University Hungarian Institute for Educational Research and Development) covered the following topic: Student voice and the student-focused learning.
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Student Voice project meeting - Dublin

The second Student Voice project meeting was held in Dublin, Ireland on 18-19th January with the participation of the five partner institutions from Ireland, Scotland, Hungary, Slovenia, and The Netherlands. The purpose of the meeting was to prepare evaluation tools at national and transnational level and plan further steps of the project.
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ERASMUS+ Student Voice – The Bridge to Learning has launched

Representatives of the Hungarian Institute for Educational Research and Development (HIERD) Lucia Kákonyi, manager of the Student Voice – The Bridge to Learning project in Hungary, and Gábor Rózsa, IT expert, took part in the first project partnership meeting of the ERASMUS+ Student Voice project which took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
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Study visit to the USC Shoah Foundation

On the last week of November two representatives of the Hungarian Institute for Educational Research and Development (HIERD), József Kaposi (director general) and Zoltán Pompor (deputy director general) will visit the USC Shoah Foundation in Los Angeles.
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Visit of Norwegian delegation at the HIERD

The Hungarian Institute for Educational Research and Development (HIERD) had the pleasure to host seven members of the staff of the Malakoff School in Moss, Norway on the 26th of October 2016 who came to learn more about the Hungarian educational system and the local Eco-School Network.
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